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Our Story

We know it's tough for many people out there with COVID effecting many families, communities and businesses out there and we've been looking for ways where we could utilise the latest technologies to help people save money and bring some joy along the way.

This led us to joining a hackathon in 2020 where UpSide was conceived, our team met and we started building the future of finance where everyone has a chance of winning prizes without losing any money along the way.

Since then we have focused on helping everyone who has an UpSide account build a larger savings balance in a fun way so they can reclaim their own financial independence!

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Get To Know The Team

Roshan Ghadamian

Ceo & founder

Father of 1, innovator, 2x startup founder and lifelong learner. Operating at the crossroads of business, product and computer science to create shared value for all.

Jacek Serafinski

co-founder, cTo

Father of 2, 1x startup founder, music and art lover. Operating at the junction of technology and finance to bring joy to customers around the world.

Jeevan Pillay


Student of everything, technologist, guitarist. Loves listening to blues and jazz. Operating at the sweet spot between art and technology to delight customers.

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